Do you need a DJ ?
MOBIL DISK JOCKEY Entertainment Service with an experienced professional DJ.

Our special field of interests are:
Engagement & Wedding Parties, Birthday Parties, School Parties, Corporate Parties, Anniversaries Parties, Xmas Parties and New Year Parties.


Would you like a DJ to your party? No matter what kind the party is...
You have found the solutiuon for this problem, if you choose BENY SKIN PARTY PACKAGE.

Important Informations:
Professional Light and Sound Equipment. A good PARTY DJ plays all kind of music. From the 50's to the nowdays hits.

Looking for a professional BUDAPEST WEDDING DJ ?
You just found it. Youthful modern style WEDDING DJ . Quality Sound and Light equipmnet, dance all night long.

Important Informations:
Providing background music during hospitality and dinner. Using Wireless Microphone for speeches (quest are also welcome to use). Traditional Wedding Procedure (prior consultation with the client).

Are you looking for a Professional CORPORATE PARTY DJ-t?
Perfect Event Dj Service, more than 10 years of experience XMAS PARTY / CORPORATE EVENT

Important Information:
A good EVENT DJ like me, has a professional light and sound equipment. Playing background music during dinner. Using Wireless Microphones for speeches. Has massive music library to choose the best songs.

Do you need a Cocktail Party-t?
Ladies and Gentleman! There is nothing more pleasant than drink a cocktail and listening to chill music with the company to your loved ones / friends. One thing is essential part of this night: to be there!

Important Information:
I am an experienced Deep House, Down Tempo, Chillout Music Mixer Dj. There is an opportunity to have an online dj service.

- Provide the full technique for karaoke.

- Projector / Screen

- Sound Equipment / Microphones

- Karaoke Player


Mobil Dj Service Hungary


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Mobil Dj Equipment, sound and light technics installation.


Before the arrival of the guests, all done - music on.


Using microphones for speeches. Guests are welcome to use!


Select from a massive music library, quality music.


Slide Show Projection (prior consultation with the client).