American Dj Hyper Gem Led


The American DJ Hyper Gem LED is a light-weight LED lighting effect that produces a large array of beams that will cover a medium size dance floor or ceiling, and provide the excitement you need to keep any party going! This unit uses 256 LEDs (64 Red, 64 Green, 64 Blue & 64 White LEDs) and may be controlled by sound of music with it's own built-in programs, or customize your own light show using a DMX Controller.





American Dj Reflex Led Pulse


The American DJ Reflex Pulse LED Effects Light is a dual-mirrored fixture which blankets the room in a double moonflower pattern of red, green and blue shafts of light, as well as white strobing effects. Built-in sound active programs pulse the razor sharp beams to the music.






American Dj Galaxian 3D


The Galaxian 3D is an incredible five channel DMX intelligent, green and red laser fixture. The red laser is an nice bright laser effect, but the green laser creates an incredible 3D effect. The Galaxian 3D can operate as a stand alone fixture, or in a Master/Slave configuration. The Galaxian 3D can be a sound active fixture or it can also be controlled via DMX.





American Dj Quad Phase


High output Moonflower effect with revolutionary 10W Quad-Color LED 4-in-1 (red,blue,green,white) technology produces color-changing beams of LED light. Using 0 1.8 Degree Long Life Stepper motor Technology it can produce quick accurate movement or smooth fluid move movements for mood music. Run extremly cool, all night!





Involight Fm 900


Output 900W Fog Maschine, radio remote or cable-bound remote control. Exhaust up to: 5 méter







Light Effects

American Dj Hyper Gem Led

American Dj Reflex Led Pulse

American Dj Galaxian 3D

American Dj Quad Phase




Speakers / Subwoofers


15 EP 400 PWD Energy Speaker

15 ESW 400 PWD Subwoofer

König & Meyer Speaker Tripod




Microphone / Midi Controller

Involight Fm 900 Fog Machine

Vestax VCI 300

Behringer XENYX 802





Karaoke Equipment

Shure PG 48 Microphone

Benq MS500+ Projector

3M Projector Screen